Popular Nollywood actress has been put on blast by a Gambian lady who alleged that she sleeps with their president and insists that the actress should stop paying visits to her country.
Popular Nollywood actress and mother of one, Angela Okorie, who was pictured in Gambia few days ago on a tour to witness a ceremony in honour of the country’s president, Yaya Jammeh, has been blasted by a Gambian lady, Jarrylang, who insists that the actress is a cheap prostitute, adding that she should stop paying visits to her country under the cover of ‘tour’.
The actress who was part of the VVIP during the presidential event, shared a footage and a photo on her Instagram page and went further to call the president a man of the people, stating that she arrived the country with her colleagues.
The Anambra-born actress’ followers from Gambia didn’t buy her support for President Yaya which resulted in an epic reaction from another lady, who said the actress was in the country for a different purpose.
Below are some comments we culled from Instagram;